Treating My Clients Like Gold


Treating My Clients Like Gold



Extraordinary Customer Service Starts At The Beginning

It can be as simple as replying to an information request in minutes or a personal follow up call to let them know you care.  Communication is key in all real estate transactions and I want to start building that relationship as soon as possible - I count on all of my customers & clients to reciprocate so I can do the very best I can for them.


Our Initial Meeting

Whether meeting someone at an open house for the first time, getting a lead through a website, or receiving a referral from a satisfied customer/client, the first step is to set up a meeting (or phone call) to really discuss their needs.  Some of the very important things I need to know in order to provide you with exceptional service include:

  • What type of home are you looking for and in what area
  • Is there a particular school district that you're interested in
  • In what area do you work & what type of commuting time are you comfortable with
  • Where you currently live
  • Your timeframe, budget, and other conditions
  • Have you obtained a pre-approval from a reputable bank and if so, what is the amount of that pre-approval
  • Preferred method of contact
  • If you're interested in selling your home, several items that are directly related to that transaction
  • I want to know about you and what you're interested in


Finding Your Dream Home and/or Marketing Your Current Home

Customers/Clients usually have already perused the market on different public real estate websites.  They offer valuable insight into the market and provide opinions on specific streets, neighborhoods, etc.  If they haven't already obtained that information, I'm here to help. 

 Once I'm involved, I can review all of the following (and more) to help you find the home of your dreams:   

  • Active MLS listings
  • Inactive MLS listings (Expireds, Withdrawn, Cancelled, etc...)
  • Off-MLS listings (private or exclusive inventory)
  • Foreclosures, Short Sales, HUD Homes
  • Builders New Home Inventory 
  • Networking (Emailing agents throughout the company to see if anyone has a listing coming up)
  • FSBOs (For Sale By Owner)
  • "Coming soon" (properties that are MLS Exempt, but will be hitting the market soon)
  • Targeted mailings (when you're looking for a house on a specific street)


Speaking with my network of other agents will almost always lead to possible homes we would not normally know about.   My point is that I go "above & beyond" the "norm" in order to find you a home.

If you're selling your home, I will utilize the same techniques - by "pre-marketing" your home!  There are many times when I can find a buyer for you by simply letting my network of agents and other contacts know what's coming on the market.  I go the extra mile for my clients and I want them to know that even before their listing hits the public markets, it is being marketed heavily to other agents and my business network.

I've also been known to take on the position of "Team Leader" with agents from other brokerages to arrange Progressive Open House Tours for the general public.  This is a tool I've used when there are multiple homes for sale on the same street.   I have over 30+ years of marketing & sales experience with national & international companies - so, I know how to bring people together to sell - and in this particular case, to sell homes !


We've FOUND Your New Home

When we've found your new home & are getting ready to write an offer, we want to make the most informed decision possible.  I'll get information on comparable sales in the area for the home that you want to purchase.  Then, we'll discuss the results & write an offer !   Your offer will include the price and terms that give you the best chance of purchasing the home.

As your real estate professional, I work very hard to make the entire transaction as smooth for you as possible.  While keeping you informed, I continue to work behind the scenes on your behalf to do everything I can to make sure the deal "closes".   There are several areas where we will have interaction during the process:

  • Contract Negotiations until we have an accepted contract
  • Inspections (after an accepted contract) I will attend all building inspections as your representative, whether you're there or not
  • Negotiating Inspection Results (we'll work together to obtain an acceptable result for you)
  • Financial Commitments (which includes appraisal and loan commitment date)



There are three stages to closing a transaction that may or may not require my presence, but, I assure you that I will attend all three.  They are: 

  • Pre-closing walk-through (one last look before signing the loan documents)
  • "Closing" aka Loan document sign-off 
  • Key presentation

The walk-through may or may not be necessary depending on the home and the buyer but I'm always happy to help my clients take one last look at the home before moving ahead.  That also gives you one last opportunity to "measure the windows" for those new treatments, etc....  A final walk thru is always a good idea, to make sure the homes is the same home that you agreed to purchase.

When the loan paperwork is ready, I'll meet you at the title office so you can sign all of the paperwork.   The transaction doesn't "officially" close until completely funded.   So, even though all of the paperwork is signed, the home won't actually belong to you until $$$ is wired into the appropriate account, aka "Fully Funded".  Once that occurs, we are notified by the Title Company and you'll receive the keys to your new home !

A complicated process, but, something my clients & customers feel has been quite smooth.  This is always due to great communication, behind the scenes efforts to make sure that everything goes well & the trust my clients/customers have in me that I will represent them to the best of my ability.

If you put your trust in me, I can assure you that you will be treated to customer service beyond compare.  I stand behind that motto, and I deliver, just as I have for over 30 years !!  Barb